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June 04, 2018

The new EP is called I Remember Everything. I usually only comment on how and where it was recorded but this time I want to use this moment to talk about friendship, recording and guitars.

The first three tracks of the EP were recorded at Linear Recording in Leichhardt, Sydney. I love this place and I have been going here many years. My friends Theo, Dave, Brendan and Doug have been helping me record here for almost a decade. For all their incredible time and effort I have really only been able to pay them in wine and dinners. 

As I was getting ready to record this EP, I found a note written to me from a guitarist in the US in October 2010. At the time America was in the height of the last recession and people were selling their stuff just to keep afloat. I bought his Gretsch 6120 in candy apple red for the bargain price of USD $1,500 which was about $1,000 off regular retail. He needed the money and I had always dreamed of owning one of these. I knew it was a difficult decision for him to make and he vetted me pretty well on Ebay before he agreed to sell it. I hope this recording and the others over the past years since then feel like I have made good use of his guitar. 

The last track on the EP called “Seawall” was an unexpected bonus. On the insistence of my partner Shannon I bought $20 worth of raffle tickets at a school music fundraiser and won 5 hours of recording time with an engineer at a community-owned studio at the Bondi Beach Pavilion in Sydney. I called my friend Dave and said why don’t we do a co-write track here for the fun of it?

I contacted David Walsh who he told me used to be an engineer for many years but gave it away a few years ago to sell bikes and so he could have a life with ordinary hours for his family. Only Vampires spend more time working at night than studio engineers.

I sent him a track from the last EP and set up a time to record. We met him at the studio, shook hands and almost immediately he revealed that he had been nervous about doing the session. As a fellow school parent, he had totally been talked into being part of the prize. He told us that when he heard the earlier track he said to his partner, “What have I gotten myself into? These guys are professionals!” That summation may be up for debate, but we all sure got on well from that point onwards. 

At the very same time we were in our soundproof recording booth behind Bondi Beach, a bar mitzvah for more than 200 kids was going on in the courtyard right outside the studio door – replete with large jumping castles and DJs pumping out sugary pop music. In addition, there was an open-air concert onBondi Beach featuring the John Butler Trio and Xavier Rudd to another 5,000 people. Bondi was certainly the entertainment centre of Sydney for that brief afternoon. 

Once the “Seawall” tracks were done Dave assembled and edited them at his home. He is usually a film editor so this music edit was a new thing for him. Once his job was done, he sent it on to my producer Melvin Tree to complete the final mix with the other three tracks and it was done. I hope you like it. – Garth

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Update for 2018 - A new EP is on it's way

January 01, 2020

A new 4 track EP is not too far away. Three tracks were recorded at Linear Studios Leichhardt in Sydney and one at Bondi Beach Studios also in Sydney. I haven't settled on a title as yet but I have a great photo of a door I am thinking of using for the cover. More details when the mix is finished and it is mastered.

In the meantime I have been uploading old tracks to



Great Review from Beach Sloth

June 26, 2016

View the review on Beach Sloth website: 

With a light, folksy feel Garth Adam’s “This Time” is a tender, deeply felt song of affection and care. Garth Adam ensures that the song’s build up happens ever so gradually. By letting patience play a part in the piece the song grows in terms of size and scope. Throughout it all what serves as the song’s center is the strong lyricism which leads the way. Vocals show off Garth Adam’s impressive vocals, which are the perfect mixture of storytelling and tenderness. Elements come into the mix adding to the song’s welcoming cheerful spirit from the light rhythm to the piano. Upon adding additional elements into the song everything simply feels spirited.

Introducing the song is simply Garth Adam with his dexterous guitar playing. His lyrics are cyclical in nature as they reflect upon an entire life. Small elements at first add to the sense of giddiness that builds up throughout the song, from the chorus to the hand-claps off in the distance. When the rest of the band enters into the mix it feels completely earned. Slowly but surely the rhythm changes, growing ever more expressive. Keyboards are perfect as the organ and piano intermingle creating a sense of true affection. Towards the end of the song everything simply comes together in a glorious sea of sound as Garth Adam voice feels deeply reassuring.

Positively teeming with life Garth Adam creates a beautiful love ballad with “This Time”.

Welcome to 2016!

February 10, 2016

Happy belated New Year to everybody. The song “This Time “ continues to be popular on getting as high as number 1 on the local alternative chart and as high as 2 on the national alternative chart and even 79 on the world chart.


The song has been picked up by KISS International 107.7 and is also receiving some airplay on community radio stations in Australia.


I have also had another positive review from!Garth-Adam-This-Time-Review/c1nni/567a784f0cf203da56e92949

This is my highest ever chart position on Reverbnation!

Here We Are EP now available

October 19, 2015

The new 3-track EP is available on digital platforms (ReverbnationiTunes, Spotify, etc.) and as a CD. This Time, Here We Are and Wherever You Go were recorded at Linear Recording in Leichhardt (Sydney).


My thanks to Brendan O'Brien, Theo Katsantoni, Doug Sandrini & Dave Kelly. Produced by Melvin Tree. Engineered by Nick Franklin. Mastered by Kathy Naunton.

Nice review of "This Time" in SKOPE

October 01, 2015

"First of all, I should say this song appeals to my ears personally on pretty much every level I can think of..."

- SKOPE | Diverse Music Media for the Digital Age

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